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Tribute to
 Mickey Mantle
Last Updated November 9th, 2007

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"Yet even as the years grew lean, I became aware that my place in the game, the image people had of me, had taken on a kind of permanence." Mickey Mantle

"The name Mickey Mantle represents more than a great baseball player.  It represents a state of mind."  Randall Swearingen

2007 Heroes In Pinstripes

Can you name these Yankee greats? (answers below)

Center: Yogi Berra, Clockwise from top left: Moose Skowron, Tony Kubek, Don Larsen, Johnny Blanchard, Tom Tresh, Bucky Dent,
Steve Whitaker, Dennis Rasmussen, Mickey Rivers, Mel Stottlemyer, Jake Gibbs and Bob Turley. 
Other coaches included Goose Gossage, Frank Howard, Ron Davis, Don Zimmer, Chris Chamblis, Ross Moschitto and Mike Pagliarulo.

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It was very important to our dad that he be remembered as a great teammate and this book does an excellent job of explaining why he was admired, not only by the fans but his teammates and opponents as well. Randall went to great lengths to research the relevant details of key events in dad's career in order to show the magnitude of dad's courage, competitiveness, loyalty, determination, athleticism and perseverance both on and off the field. Randall spent time with dad and his teammates at the Mickey Mantle fantasy camps and his knowledge and love of dad really shows in this book. Reading the book brought back many great memories and magically transported us back in time to our childhood. The Mantle family gives this book a big "thumbs up" and wishes to extend our heartfelt thanks to Randall for writing this inspiring and enjoyable book that beautifully echoes our deep love and respect for our dad. "A true teammate".


“Randall Swearingen’s book A GREAT TEAMMATE documents, alongside poignant anecdotes, the legend of the most admired and dynamic athlete of his era. The accounts are an in depth, enlightening and entertaining read for Yankee fans and sports nuts alike. It does much more than tell of his Herculean homeruns, Mercurial speed and World Championship rings. For the non-sports fan, the Mick’s life experiences and determination will surely inspire. This book is filled with previously uncovered historical nuggets. For those who were his Yankee teammates, his legacy is surpassed only by his humility and caring attitude toward us all.  It's a wonderfully written tribute.”  



"The best book ever written about Mickey.  Swearingen proves that he knows more about Mickey Mantle than just about anybody."



"For a guy like me who was with Mickey a lot of his career, it was exciting for me to relive a lot of the great games and home runs of Mickey. With A Great Teammate, I think you've got a real winner on your hands, especially to a Yankee fan.  It really shows Mickey in his baseball life." 


"This book is fantastic and truly inspiring.  It reveals Mickey Mantle's greatness as a Hall of Famer with the New York Yankees.  But his greatest victory was when his heart took over in that final inning of his life."


If you're looking for the dirt on Mickey Mantle, head for another dugout, partner. This is the work of a fan, a self-described Mantle obsessive who thinks The Mick was as good as it got.  Randall Swearingen doesn't blink at the injuries and off-the-field problems that bothered Mantle, but mostly this is an ode to how well the man played the game, which is why we cared in the first place.

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Me & "The Mick" in 1994 @ Mickey Mantle's Week of Dreams


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This site is a tribute to one of the greatest baseball players of all time, Mickey Mantle.  The Mick, a member of the baseball Hall of Fame, led the New York Yankees to the World Series 12 times during his career. Mickey Mantle, more than any other player in history, symbolized baseball and all that is good about it. His intense competitive spirit and his burning desire to win took him to heights few other players have ever reached.  He still holds numerous records even after more than thirty years after he retired.  Such records include fastest time to first base (3.1 seconds), longest home run (565 feet), most World Series home runs (18) to name but a few.  His mighty home runs gave rise to the new term "Tape Measure Home Run".  Mickey was inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY in 1974 and is still known today as the greatest switch hitter who ever lived.  With his death in 1995, baseball truly lost one of it's last great heroes.

This web page contains a wealth of information that defines the man and the player known as Mickey Mantle.  I was fortunate enough to meet Mickey twice in 1994.  Once at a book signing and once at his fantasy camp.   The fantasy camp was one of the greatest experiences of my life.  I have since visited his boyhood home in Commerce, OK, the Baseball Hall of Fame, Yankee Stadium and Mickey Mantle's Restaurant.  This site contains photos from each of my experiences.  

With this web page, I hope to allow today's youth the opportunity to sneak a peak back into history and get a glimpse of the great #7, Mickey Mantle so that his memory can live on forever.

Randall Swearingen

RPSwearingen @



(from the "Join Mickey's Team" organ donor card)

The best gift I ever got was on June 8, 1995 when an organ donor gave me and five other patients at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas the organs we needed to live.  I guess you could say I got another time at bat.

Now I want to give something back.  I can do that first by telling kids and parents to take care of their bodies.  Don't drink or do drugs.  Your health is the main thing you've got, so don't blow it.

Second, think hard about being an organ and tissue donor if the time ever comes.  Sign this card, carry it with you, and let your family know how you feel.

Thanks for your prayers and kindness.  I'll never be able to make up all I owe God and the American people.  But if you will join me in supporting the cause of organ and tissue donation, it would be a great start.


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